Nurturing Children’s Wonder

Inspiring Awe

From the way we read a storybook to the toys that fill our room, we aim to inspire awe through every simple thing we do.

Adventuring Together

We don't need to leave the centre to go on spectacular adventures together, from the world outside to the world of our imaginations.

Letting Life Sparkle

Friendships, mealtimes, story sharing, watching butterflies float by. We let life's little moments sparkle and inspire pure joy.

Taking Cognitive Journeys

Learning begins with fun and cognitive journeys of discovery. We set the sense and tantalise the senses and let our little ones do the rest.

Our Community

Whenever a new family walks through our door, we know our community is about to get a little bit more wonderful. Each child brings something new to our centre through their dynamic individuality. It’s our great pleasure to get to know these little personalities and take care to help them settle in. Siblings, parents, grandparents and any other special people are invited to become part of our centre and join our community in their own unique way.

Envrionmental Awareness

In our adult lives, we often forget to reconnect to the abundance of nature to recharge our mental and physical selves. That’s why we believe in encouraging a connection to nature from a young age. Not only does it encourage a necessary appreciation and respect for our planet, but it creates a sense of calm and wonder as nothing else can.

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