It Takes a Community

Children growing up in our modern world have a complex checklist of needs. Education, inspiration, routine, nutritious meals, physical activity, cultural awareness, socialisation; the list seems infinite. By joining Christies Beach Early Learning, you are enlisting a dynamic and highly qualified community to act as your support system. Together, we’ll ensure your child is thriving like they truly deserve to be.

These important years between 0-5 form the basis of who they become. It’s our goal to walk by their side and encourage the best in them through praise, kindness and support.

Leading By Example

Curiosity, optimism, resilience and empathy are just some of the many qualities we carry with us through our days to inspire the little ones watching our every move. We understand that children develop not just on what they are taught but on what they see and hear, on the examples set for them by those that lead the way.

We carry this responsibility with the magnitude it deserves. For each of us lucky enough to call Early Learning our ‘work’, our greatest honour is playing a small part in your child’s life.

Why Choose Early Learning?

We wholeheartedly understand how difficult it is to choose a daycare or child care facility. Here are just a few of the reasons your little one is in the very best hands when you choose us.

Community Connectivity

We focus on creating a sense of security through a caring, close-knit community.

Environmental Awareness

Being connected to nature and Mother Earth is something we believe in wholeheartedly.

Exceptional Team

Our educators are both personally and professionally the best of the best.

Wholesome Food

We don't just fill up tummies, we exceed nutrient requirements and harmonise mealtimes.

Together We Thrive

At Christies Beach Early Learning, we are dedicated to the concept of thriving together. This philosophy streams through the friendships between our staff members, the connections our little ones make when learning to socialise and interact together, and the supportive environment we create with the families who’ve joined us.

Together, we know we can overcome the many challenges of parenting and the phases of toddlerdom. Together, we believe we can prepare our big kids for life at school. And together, we feel sure our babies will have enough happiness in reserve to see them through the challenges of teething and developing.

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